High CPU Usage in Windows 10 Due to Latest Update? Fix it

Windows 10 updates can cause high CPU usage, but there’s a fix
High CPU Usage in Windows 10

Intel and Microsoft released the latest Windows 10 updates called Windows 10 Oct 2020 updates or 20H2 updates. This Windows updates also brings a lot of issues to your computer. High CPU usage in Windows 10 is also an issue that is caused by the latest updates.

As soon as the latest Windows 10 20H2 updates released, high CPU usage has been reported by many users during the month. You may also note that after installing the Windows 10 update there is a spike in CPU usage while doing simple task.

How to Fix High CPU Usage Issue in Windows 10?

In most cases, Windows 10 KB4592438 is the main reason for High CPU usage and by uninstalling this update you can fix this issue. But there is another High CPU bug coming with intel drivers & Software assistant Tools (DSA).

On Reddit, many Windows users have complained that they are facing high CPU usage due to the faulty process of ‘DSAService’.

Software assistant Tools (DSA)

This Software assistant Tools (DSAService) is coming with a software update provided by Intel for Windows 10 and it is reported that this DSA service frequently runs in the background which is the main cause of high CPU usage.

One user mentioned in the Reddit thread. “I didn’t notice it until I started playing the game. And I was like did I fry my ssd or my cpu after latest windows update. I opened task manager and luckily I saw dsa was using my resources”

An update to DSAService (DSAService.exe) could be the cause of the high CPU Usage and overheating of your PC. This issue can bring a spike of around 50-100% in your CPU usage. But it’s also possible Windows updates have an issue with Intel’s DSA.

Fix: at the current time the only solution to fix the high cpu issue after the latest updates is – uninstall the comulative updates or intel software, and pause the updates temporarily.

Microsoft and Intel will definitely aware of this problem and possibly both are working on the solutions. As soon as Microsoft and intel will find any solution to this issue, It will be applied automatically via Intel DSA or Windows Update.