How To Download Windows Vista All Latest Versions (Editions) ISO Files for 32/64-bit (x86/x64) Full WinVista OS w/o License Product Keys from Microsoft in 2021

Original Windows Vista ISO (Copy of DVDs), official untouched files w/o product key.
Download Windows Vista ISO

Windowslay is the only online source to Download Windows Vista. We provide an original Windows Vista 32/64 bit ISO file (Orignal Copy of DVD).

Here you can grab an unofficial and untouched Windows Vista ISO file download with just a simple click.

We are providing Windows Vista ISO Download Microsoft to Vista users because Microsoft never sold Windows Vista 2021on its Official Site online and you won’t find the official Vista DVD on the internet anywhere. Rarely you will find a boxed copy of Windows Vista anymore.

Now, If you want to recover or install Windows Vista on your computer you don’t need the windows vista original ISO DVD or recovery disk. You can simply download Windows Vista from our site and create a bootable USB flash drive using Rufus. You can install and activate it with your genuine product key.

Where Can I Download Windows Vista ISO in 2021?

All the editions of Vista are available on Windowslay for free to download. These are clean (malware-free) untouched ISO Vista files in both 64bit (x64) and 32bit (x86) versions. You can download in a secure and way faster than torrent download. These files of Windows Vista ISO aren’t available online on any other site including Softonic, Filehippo, and CNET. Microsoft is no providing any Windows vista 2020 or 2021 edition download now.

Windows Vista Download ISO – Full Version ISO File

Download the right version of Windows for your computer. We have all the popular Versions of Windows Vista released by Microsoft. Choose your favorite edition from the list below:

Complete list of Windows Vista Editions:

How to Install Windows Vista from ISO File

To Install Windows Vista from ISO downloaded file you need to create a bootable USB/Flash Drive or to Burn ISO file into DVD. You can burn or create a bootable USB drive from an ISO file using different USB/DVD burning tools.

The most common and easy to use software to create or burn an ISO file to USB is Rufus USB/DVD burning tool.

For this, you need to download Rufus and burn the ISO file on a USB drive or DVD. After creating a bootable USB/DVD you can simply install Windows Vista from Your Bootable USB or DVD by following the installation guide by Windowslay How to Install Windows from a bootable USB.

The Most Recent Version of Windows Vista?

If you want to upgrade your Windows Vista with the most latest version of Windows Vista then you have to download Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) released by Microsoft on March 18, 2008.

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Edition includes all updates of previously released Windows Vista and media center. You can also download it from the Microsoft website separately.

Always download Windows Vista from because we have both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows Vista ISO file, These ISO Vista files are ready to download speed higher than any Windows vista iso torrent download.

These are untouched malware-free & clean ISO images of both editions of Windows Vista. Just you need a valid product key provided by Microsoft to install any version of Windows Vista.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download Windows Vista for free?

Yes, Windowslay keeps all the versions of Windows Vista on its server for free download for vista lovers. These editions are untouched and malware-free ISO files in both 64bit (x64) and 32bit (x86) version. Secure and much faster than torrent files. These Windows files aren’t available on any other site including Softonic, Filehippo, and Cnet.

Can I still use Windows Vista in 2021?

Yes, You can use Windows Vista in 2021 it’s up to you. If you are a Vista lover and you want to continue using Windows Vista, keep one thing in your mind that Microsoft is not providing official support for Windows Vista anymore. Always download untouched and malware-free Window Vista ISO file from trusted site e.g

What can I do with a Windows Vista computer?

If you’re still using Windows Vista then it’s better to simply upgrade to a newer version of Windows e.g Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Is Service Pack 2 the last version of Windows Vista?


How long do I have until Windows Vista support ends?

Microsoft official have ended the official support for Windows Vista on April 11, 2017. You need to upgrade your PC to Latest Windows Version 7, 8 or 10.

Is it still safe to use Windows Vista?

Microsoft support for Windows Vista ended on April 11, 2017 but it doesn’t mean that Windows Vista is not safe anymore for its users, It’s safe to use Windows Vista in 2021 as well.
Microsoft will continue to patch any security threats but there will be no update in any feature of Windows Vista available in the future.

Why do I need to update from Windows Vista?

You need to upgrade your Windows Vista because Microsoft is not providing any official support for Vista users. There may be a security risk for your PC.

Can I download and upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 10?

Yes, you can upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10, But Before upgrade to any newer version of Windows don’t forget to create a backup for your files and check system requirements for Windows 10.