Windows XP Product Keys 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

Want to activate your Win XP? But don't have the license key? Here's the solution to activate with free Windows XP Product Keys.
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Microsoft has broadly released Windows XP for retail on October 25, 2001. After almost fourteen years of extended support, Microsoft has ended its mainstream support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. After ending the official support, Microsoft is not dealing with the Windows XP product key 2021.

Windows XP 32/64 bit product key 2021

We always recommend our users, purchase Win XP product keys officially to support the developers. But what if the developers are not supporting or selling the Windows XP Product key anymore?

Now, what if you still love to install Windows XP in 2021? is the single best place where you can get the best reviews and buying guides about Windows product keys at very little or no cost. In this guide, we will help you to get the Win XP product key for free. We also let you know about how to buy a Windows XP product key legally in 2021 and how to get Windows XP Pro License Key for Free?

What is Windows Product / Activation Key 2021?

Windows XP activation Key is 25 Character Code like XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX provided by Microsoft officials to make your Windows XP genuine and to receive the latest updates and security patches released by Microsoft.

Where to Buy Windows XP in 2021?

As we have mentioned above that Microsoft is not dealing with Windows XP and its product keys anymore. You will find many sites over the internet selling the Win XP products keys and DVDs. But you can’t trust those sites because these sites are not approved by Microsoft.

If you have to install Windows XP on your PC in 2021 by any chance. The best way is to Install with the universal free installation key given below. Windows XP required Ethernet drivers to connect the PC with the internet, Before going to install Ethernet drivers on your pc turn off Windows updates first. Doing this your system will not show activate windows pop-up and you can use Windows XP for free.

Instead of spending money on an outdated version of Windows. We always recommend Windows users to upgrade or buy the latest version of Windows and stay up-to-date with the latest updates to enjoy new features of Windows OS.

How to Get Windows XP Professional Product Key for Free in 2021?

There are only two ways through which you can activate your Windows XP. The best and only way to activate Windows XP legally is to buy a Windows XP product key from the Microsoft official site. The second alternative way to activate Windows XP is to get free Windows XP product keys or activation keys online or buy XP keys from third parties.

Win XP always required a genuine product key or serial key to activate and enjoy the full features of this operating system. Although you cant get the XP product key officially, but you can still activate and use your Windows XP legally for free.

Note: You can also download untouched official Windows XP ISO SP3 from our fast downloading server for free.

Some of the online stores are still selling the XP Pro licenses, you can buy your favorite Windows XP editions using the links bellow.

Can you install Windows XP without product key?

Yes, you can install or even can use Windows XP for free. The ISO file provided on can be installed with the Windows XP universal installation key. When the installation began and asks for the installation key, enter QW4HD-DQCRG-HM64M-6GJRK-K83T to begin the installation process.

Can I get Windows XP for free?

You can get the Windows XP ISO disk Image file Absolutely free from our site. We have kept the original Windows XP ISO image for Win XP lovers and providing free to download with just one click.

What is Windows XP Professional Product Key Generator?

You may have heard about Windows XP Professional Product Key Generator, but we are not recommending any of the Windows XP Product key generators. Windows XP Sp3 Product key generator is a tool to Crack Windows XP and Bypass the product key activation requirement. After installing Windows XP you have to install XP Key Generator and this software will crack your Windows XP and Activate your WIndows without license key.

List of Windows XP Serial No/Product Keys 100% Working 2021

you can activate your Windows XP with Windows XP Universal Product key Which is QW4HD-DQCRG-HM64M-6GJRK-8K83T, This keys work for almost every edition of Windows XP.

Here’s the list of Windows XP Product keys for XP SP1, XP SP2 and XP SP3 All Editions 100% working. Choose the right Windows XP activation key/Serial No. for you PC.

1 – Windows XP Professional SP3 Serial Number /Product Key


2 – Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Product Key 100% Working / Serial Number S/N

here’s some of the Windows XP 100% Working Home Editions Product Keys in the list down below…

  • FCKGW - RHQZ7 - YXRQW - 7AS6W - 3C8Q8,
  • QB2BW - 8PJ2D - 9X7JK - BCCRT - D233Y/ 47QBF - KTJPV - 4HTP8 - 3T2DY - WTD64
  • FM9FY - TMF7Q - KCKCT - V9T29 - TBBBG/ DTWB2 - VX8WY - FG8R3 - X696T - 66Y46/ RBDC9 - VTRC8 - D7072 - J97JY - PRVMG

3 – Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 serial number S/N

  • YY8F2-3CKVQ-RKTRG-6JMDR-9DTG6 / Q8CWH-73232-WV7J3-Y2YRY-64B68
  • WM88F-2KP6H-324MQ-D3R9R-FF36W/ Q8CWH-73232-WV7J3-Y2YRY-64B68,
  • KD399-6T6JT-7XT3M-VYY68-K77Y6/ RYB3M-46BYP-C6YKF-P8J7W-XPKYW,

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