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Microsoft PowerPoint presentation tool is the most powerful software in the Microsoft Office suite programs. Grab the Microsoft PowerPoint Free Download to create effective and beautiful presentations with ease.

If you are looking for Free Microsoft PowerPoint latest version download for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices, you are at the right place.

In this article, we will let you know about, how you can get Microsoft PowerPoint Free Download Full Version 32/64 bit Windows 7 PC,

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Microsoft PowerPoint History (MS PPT)

PowerPoint was first designed by a company named Forethought, Inc in 1987. Microsoft acquired PPT for USD$14 million just after its release and make it a component of the office suite for Macintosh (1989) and for Windows in 1990.

How to Download Microsoft PowerPoint Free for Windows 7 & 10?

Microsoft PowerPoint (MS PPT) is the main part of Microsoft Office and is included in all versions of the office suite as a well-trusted presentation software. If you don’t want to buy a complete office suite you can download Microsoft PowerPoint separately.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 is the most liked version of PPT, but the latest version of PPT is Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 currently available in the market. Microsoft Powerpoint full version 64 bit & 32 bit is a component of the complete office suite, you don’t need to buy MS PowerPoint separately for your PC.

PowerPoint is a much bigger software, If you are thinking that MS PowerPoint Download is just a presentation tool, then you may not be utilizing its full capacity. You can help out your children with their homework using the adaptable applications to create Flashcards.

Use Microsoft PowerPoint Online Now

For user convenience, PowerPoint is also available online for free to use. Use Microsoft PowerPoint Online free without any installation on your web browser by login into with your Outlook or Hotmail account.

Online PowerPoint also provides you 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage if you have Office 365 subscription. You can also view, open, edit, and save your Presentations on any device like your laptop, mobile, tablet, PC, or Mac using cross-platforms.

What’s Special in PowerPoint 2016?

PowerPoint 2016 comes with a number of additional features to make PPT more effective and useful than Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. There are more than 40 PowerPoint templates and themes to design your slide with the new variations.

The question, comments (pane), and feedback feature has been included in this tool to make it even more helpful for users. Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 provides a much faster speed than the previous version because of some automated functions and attention-grabbing SmartArt graphics.

How do I play sounds across multiple Powerpoint slides?

If you want to play sounds across multiple slides in a PowerPoint presentation, you’ll have to navigate towards the insert tab. Select and import the audio file by pressing the insert file option. Right-click on the audio file and select “play across all tabs” if you want it to play across all slides.

My sounds and movies play on my PC, Why not on others?

If you insert an audio or video clip into your PowerPoint presentation, In the original video or sound is not a part of the presentation. When you trying moving the presentation file to another device, the video and sound will not move with the slide and stay on your original device. If you want to play media on others devices as well you have to copy and paste the original files to the other PC as well.

How to Make a PowerPoint Master Layout

TO create a Master Layout in PowerPoint follow the steps below:

  • In the Slide Master View Pane, Navigate – View > Slide Master and select your master slide and click on the “Master Layout”.
  • On the “Slide Master” tab, you can choose a theme and adjust colors, fonts, effects, and background styles. Click on “Slide Orientation” if you want to switch between a Landscape and Portrait view.
  • To save your PowerPoint Master Layout as a template, go to File > Save as, create a name for the file, select PowerPoint Template from the “Save as type” list, and click “Save”.

How to Turn a PowerPoint Into a Video?

Open and create a new PowerPoint presentation and convert it and save it as a video by following the steps below:

  • from the navigation menu Select File> Click Export > Create a video
  • Choose the preferred quality and size of the video.
  • Select the Seconds spent on each slide box section and select the default time for each slide.
  • Name your new video file and choose a location where you want to save the created video file.