Microsoft Introduced Windows 11, The New Operating System

Microsoft has introduced the first new Windows operating system in 6 years.

Microsoft Introduced Windows 11 the New Operating System. For months, the company has been hinting at a new operating system, Windows 11, and now it has been officially launched.

The new operating system focuses on simplifying the Windows user interface, improving the new Windows Store, performance, and multitasking.

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Microsoft Introduced Windows 11
Microsoft Introduced Windows 11: : Photo- Microsoft Windows 11

New Windows 11 Features

Windows 11 has a new Start menu and an updated Start button, both in the Taskbar Center. Its user interface is similar to Windows 10X, which was originally planned for dual-screen devices but was later canceled.

However, most of the work done for its user interface has been moved to Windows 11.

Microsoft Introduced Windows 11
Microsoft Introduced Windows 11: : Photo- Microsoft Windows 11

Live Tiles has been removed from the new Start menu, which was first introduced in Windows 8, and has been replaced by a more traditional launcher that is available in Chrome OS or Android.

In addition, apps, recent documents and a separate search interface have been integrated into the operating system, while it also has rounded corners that can be viewed in iOS and Android.

During the event, Windows chief Panos Pane said the team worked in-depth on the thing.

Windows 11 has updated Dark and Light modes, which are much better than the current Windows.

Microsoft Introduced Windows 11 OS
Microsoft Introduced Windows 11 OS: : Photo- Microsoft Windows 11

A new feature is the Snap Layout, which allows you to quickly snap apps, with Windows 11 providing support for a number of modes.

Windows 11 also has SnapGroup layouts that contain the apps you store.

This new operating system will support working on multiple monitors and ensure that apps are always open on the correct screen.

As mentioned above, a lot of attention has been paid to performance and new Windows updates will be 40% smaller and will likely not bother you at work but will be in the background.

Microsoft Introduced Windows 11 OS
Microsoft Introduced Windows 11 OS Features : Photo- Microsoft Windows 11

Microsoft has also integrated Microsoft Teams directly into Windows 11, which will be in the taskbar, allowing users to call their friends, family or office colleagues.

It is clear that Microsoft is now giving more importance to teams than Skype.

Windows widgets and touch features are also a big part of this new operating system, widgets are personalized feeds equipped with AI power.

Microsoft Introduced Windows 11Tablet
Microsoft Introduced Windows 11Tablet : Photo- Microsoft Windows 11

One of the biggest changes to Windows 11 is the new App Store, which will be redesigned to support multiple apps, which are not currently available in the Windows App Store.

Notable among them are Adobe Creative Suite, Android apps including Tik Tak and Instagram.

When the Windows 11 Download will be available?

Windows 11 Download will be available to the general public by the end of this year, but for developers, it will be available in different beta versions.

Video Courtesy Microsoft Windows 11