How to Get Windows 7 Product Key Working

Very easy steps to find Windows 7 100% working Product Key

Are you also getting the message “this copy of windows is not genuine”, If you have recently downloaded Windows 7 and now you want to find 100% working Windows Product Key, then wait and read this whole article. No doubt, if you search free Windows 7 activation key in the search engine. You will find many sites claiming that they have a free Windows 7 product key, but the reality is contrary to their claim.

This article is beneficial for all Windows 7 lovers who want product key for either 64-bit or 32-bit OS versions. This guide will also cover these topics;

  • Can I get Windows 7 for free?
  • Where can I find my Windows 7 product key?
  • What is the windows 7 ultimate product key?
  • What is the product key of Windows 7 Professional?

Where to Find Windows 7 Product Key Working
And Why I Need It?

Microsoft gives Windows 7 license key when you purchase any Windows 7 edition for your PC. The Windows product key consists on 25 characters (numeric and letter words).

Microsoft for the first time sold Windows 7 online, and if you happen to buy Win 7 from their official store. Then you will get confirmation mail from Microsoft and Windows 7 product key will include in it. Otherwise, you receive Windows 7 CD key in its CD key.

If you bought desktop or laptop PC from renowned manufactured then Windows 7 latest version is pre installed in it. In this case original Win 7 key is pasted on the bottom side of laptop or desktop.

Why you need to buy Windows 7 license key? Its because you need it to fully activate your OS capabilities. When you enter product key it verifies that your PC number and allow you to get many other Microsoft services.

How to Activate Windows 7 With Product Key

Either you download Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 7 Professional, when you start its installation process, it will require product key. The only exception is when you upgrade Windows 7 while you are running the current Win version. In All other case, you need to buy Windows product key.

When you install Windows 7 ISO from USB, you will need to create a bootable USB drive. Once you do start the installation process it will ask you to enter Windows 7 Product key.

Alternatively, you can also manually enter Windows 7 activation key. To do that open your Start menu, right-click on Computer then click Properties and then select Change Product Key. Now enter the purchased Windows 7 product key.

Where To Download Windows 7 Product Key

As already told there isn’t a single 100% genuine site from you can get Windows 7 Ultimate product key whether its 64 bit or 32 bit OS. You can try as many free Widows 7 key as you want.

But the result will be the same, the only trusted place to download Windows 7 product key is to buy it from Microsoft official store. If you already had Windows 7 edition and you lost its key then contact Microsoft support and request them to send you another Windows 7 license key.

You will need Windows 7 Product Key For All Versions whether its;

  1. Windows 7 Starter (OEM for low end 32bit PCs)
  2. Windows 7 Home Basic (Retail & OEM With basic features)
  3. Windows 7 Home Premium (Retail & OEM best for home users)
  4. Windows 7 Professional (Retail, OEM & VL for with networking)
  5. Windows 7 Enterprise (Volume license Pro edition + Languages)
  6. Windows 7 Ultimate (Retail & OEM with complete features)

What To Do If You Can’t Find Windows 7 Key

If you are unable to buy product key for windows 7 then you don’t need to worry. You can leave the box when it says enter the product key. You can click on Next or Skip button to bypass this step. This way you will be able to install Windows 7 but it won’t be a verified Windows OS.

30 days trial period is granted to the users who install Win 7 without its product key. After that either buy it or try those unauthentic Windows 7 activation keys available on net.