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Microsoft WordPad Free Download

Microsoft WordPad Free Download, A Rich text editor equipped with all the basics features required for a absolute text editor.

Microsoft WordPad is a very simple text editor without any complex features that offered a basic level of text editing to get the work done in no time.

In the WordPad text editor, text cannot be formatted in different styles, fancy fonts can’t be implemented, and data cannot be arranged with functions.

In the article down below we have detailed the process to get the WordPad simple text editor for free as well as the latest version of WordPad download.

Microsoft Wordpad Free Download

Operating System
Windows 10/7/8/XP
File Size
3 MB

Download Microsoft WordPad Free For Windows 7/8/10 & Mac OS

Latest version of WordPad download come with much simpler and basic functions. Microsoft WordPad 2019 didn’t provides adjust formats and text options while creating and edit documents.

A perfect editing tool looks simple, but very helpful while working. You can work much faster on this tool as compared to Microsoft Word, toolbar having a minimum option helps you not losing your concentration while searching for fancy options, delicate formats, and color schemes.

Microsoft WordPad is a part of all Windows operating system and its come preinstalled with Windows. you just have to search for it in the start menu and crate a desktop shortcut for WordPad to make easier to locate and work.

In any case if your WordPad is not working on your system you can download free WordPad form our site and install on your computer by clicking the download button above.

WordPad Features

Rich Text Editing – Create basic rich text documents that can be saved, edited, and shared with others in a simplistic text editor.

Efficient Note-Taking – Grabs the notes on WordPad while at university, the office, or an educational seminar. The rich text editor makes note-taking easier and basic controls and settings simplify the writing process.

Share, and Collaborate – Save the notes using the MS WordPad in basic .txt, .rtf, or .doc. formats and send to other or stored on a hard drive, or upload into drive.