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Customize your mouse buttons, F-keys, and other hotkeys according to your requirement.
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Logitech Setpoint Review

Logitech Setpoint is software that is used to customize mouse buttons, hotkeys, and other F-keys on the keyboard. Logitech Setpoint personalizes the setting of the keyboard, mouse, or other of your favorite functions they are just a click away from you if you are using Logitech Setpoint software you can also assign other functions to your mouse with the help of Setpoint Logitech.

The most used version of Logitech Setpoint software is 4.80. Setpoint Logitech software with all of its powerful features helps you in doing your tasks easily, efficiently, and in a proper way.

Logitech Setpoint software with all its advanced features comes with a setup point including a headset, speaker, mouse, and webcams all are comfortable with almost all versions of windows including windows 10.

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How to use Logitech Setpoint Software?

To use Logitech Setpoint follow the steps given below.

First of all, you must have that software then

The second step is to launch the software by going through the following steps

Start > Programs > Logitech > Mouse and Keyboard > Mouse and Keyboard Settings

On the top of the windows, you see the option of two tabs labeled My Mouse and My Keyboard.

After that, you have to click on the desired tab then you will be presented with lots of customization options for buttons, cursor, battery, and game settings.

The last or final step is to make your customization for your mouse and keyboard according to your needs.

How to remove Logitech software?

To remove or uninstall Logitech Setpoint Software from your windows, especially windows 10 follow the steps given below.

The first step is to go to the installation folder of Logitech Setpoint Software where you see that there is an option for uninstalling.

From there you can easily double-tap on uninstalling option then you can get rid of Logitech Setpoint Software.

How can I update my Logitech software?

To update Logitech software you have to check first whether the update is avail or not if not then. Then check the new version of this software if there is then you can update from there or reinstall it.