FIX: Avast Behavior Shield Turns off

Avast being one of the famous and reputable antivirus software uses multiple tools to make its product even better. Apart from providing software, Avast also provides a secure browser to protect its users from malicious websites and harmful malware.

What is Avast Behavior Shield?What is avast behavior shield

Avast Behavior shield is an extra layer of real-time protection for the users to keep them safe from being infected. The behavior shield is made to monitor every process on your PC that can contain any potentially malicious code. Avast behavior shield blocks such processes. It also detects new threats as well by checking their similarity with the threats that are stored in their databases. The tabs on the left side will help users to manage Avast Behavior Shield’s parameters.

There are a couple of settings that users must know and what they are meant for:

  1. Always Ask: Enable this if you want the software to ask each time for your permission before proceeding for any activity.
  2. Automatically move detected threats to Chest: Enabling this option will let Avast to automatically move the virus files in the virus chest.
  3. Automatically move known threats to chest: As suggested by the name, Avast will move Virus threats to Virus Chest. The option is enabled by default as well.

With such high parameters for ensuring security, it’s likely that false reports are generated for which Avast also ensures that no more than once such an event occurs. Additionally, users get the liberty to add software that they really trust to exclusions. If you want to exclude a location from all Avast Antivirus scans, go to:

Settings ▸ General ▸ Exclusions to specify the location.

There are 2 major issues that Avast users usually complain of. Either the Behavior shield doesn’t turn on, or if it does, the aswidsagenta.exe is a process that eats up an excessive amount of memory(High CPU Usage). Click Here to Fix High CPU Usage

1. Avast Behavior Shield Turns off

It’s a very common issue that a large number of users have reported. Around 80% of the users reported this unusual behavior of the app. It’s a serious issue that needs to be addressed as our devices remain at risk. Luckily, there are solutions that can help you fix the issue easily.

  • Repair Avast:repair-avast-behavior-shield

A repair is always recommended whenever you face an issue. Repairing Avast is a simple task that’s done in 4 simple steps. Don’t forget to reboot when completed.

Control Panel> Program and Features (Add/remove program)>Select Avast> Select Repair.

  • Clean Install

The second option that users can resort to is reinstalling a clean version of Avast. The latest version of Avast is bug-free and hasn’t reported such performance issues and it will help you get rid of this problem.