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Firefox Review

Mozilla Firefox is a kind of browser available for PC windows and laptops which was launched in 2004 by Mozilla Corporation. Mozilla Firefox for PC Windows introduces some extraordinary features like multiple web standards, a Gecko rendering engine, a fool-proof security system, and many other power full features are available. Mozilla is one of the best and most prominent for windows 7, 10, and also for laptops. It can’t compromise on faster browsing as well as privacy tools.

In 2017 Firefox introduces Quantum which is an excellent update that gives a new lease of life to the company of Mozilla. With the help of this update the speed of browsing and privacy policy both increased.

Privacy Policy in Firefox

Firefox for windows uses private Browsing to keep you away from different types of ads and to keep you safe from trackers although it has an anti-tracking feature that helps you too. Moreover, you don’t need to give any personnel information for the purpose of browsing.

Is Firefox free?

The answer is yes Firefox is available free of cost for PC Windows32-bis as well as 64-bit. This freeware software is presented for all software users as a free download.

Reader Mode & Smooth Scrolling in Firefox

This mode in firefox enables the readers to change the layout font size, etc to make a fair environment to increase readability while doing this you can also remove background images, buttons, and ads. This powerful reading mode makes you able to arrange the setting according to your need.

Does Firefox have customization options?

Customization means according to your needs. The customization feature is available on the latest versions of Firefox. You can simply right tap on the navigation toolbar from there you can easily customize individual components. IN Mozilla Firefox there is also a built-in Add-ons Manager which makes you able to discover, explore, and install Firefox add-ons within the browser. Firefox for windows with its thousands of themes lets you personalize the entire browsing experience on Mozilla.