Windows XP ISO Download [SP3]

Original Windows XP ISO Download Service Pack 3 Free Full Version. is an alternative way to download Windows XP. Get Microsoft official untouched Windows XP ISO with Service Pack 3. You can install Windows XP Professional 64-Bit ISO on any modern PC. This Windows XP ISO contains 64-Bit & 32-Bit XP OS. This is the latest ISO image to install windows XP Pro 64-Bit SP3.

The Official ISO DVD image of Windows XP is made available here. Download untouched Windows XP 64-Bit ISO or 32-Bit ISO. The Win XP SP3 includes all latest update and security release. You can easily use Win XP as it controls are very simple. It has straightforward taskbar and start up navigation. Win XP can speed up your computer operation system. It helps the PC operating system and programs to run fast when the computer is in use.

Windows XP Professional

Windows XP ISO Download Features

  • The Best ISO image picked by WindowsLay
  • Official untouched ISO with Service Pack 3
  • Verified ISO media via MD5/SHA1 checksum
  • Create bootable USB or CD for installation
  • Pre installed graphics and system drivers

Windows XP Professional 64-Bit ISO Download Overview

Windows XP Professional 64-Bit was released in October 25,2001. Latter its XP ISO was made available to retailer on April 25, 2005. The Microsoft Windows XP was released in two different versions i.e. Windows XP Home and Windows XP  Professional. Over time Windows XP Professional ISO gained more popularity.

Here at Windowslay, users can download Windows XP ISO 32-Bit & Windows XP 64-Bit. XP 32-bit version has several restriction. It cannot utilize more then 4 GB of RAM.

On the other hand, Windows XP 64-Bit ISO doesn’t have these kinds of restrictions. That’s why 64-Bit Windows XP download gained more popularity. As compare to its previous OS, Windows XP download was more stable, fast and bug free operating system.

When Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 are released, these new OS had more advanced features. But the Windows XP ISO still stood on its ground. Even though Microsoft has ceased extended support on April 8, 2014. Now users can receive no further support of security updates. Still Windows XP ISO covers 28% of total Windows Share.

The Windows XP ISO is quick and very simple to use. It looks very decent and old machines can easily handle because its also very lightweight. The Windows XP download has improved WiFi protected access, security updates. It has built in SATA drivers and users can easily administer via control panel. The Windows XP ISO is still a preferred choice for net workers.

Windows XP ISO 64-Bit OR 32-Bit

You are going to download Windows XP Pro 64-bit on this page. Win XP 64-bit is required to utilize 4GB RAM or more. To get Windows XP download 32-bit edition, click here to download Windows XP Pro 32-bit ISO.

Get it all with Windows XP download 64-Bit ISO. Further detail on Windows XP Feature Updates is listed on Official Microsoft Windows Site.

How To Install Windows XP from ISO File

The installation process of Windows XP is very simple. After you download Windows XP 64-Bit ISO file. Save it on your PC and follow the tutorial on How to install Windows XP from USB Flash Drive. The OS installation using windows XP ISO is explained in a simple and easy way.

Windows XP Professional Product Key

Once you download and install Windows XP ISO, then you are going to need its activation key. This key consists of 25 character. Usually when you buy Windows XP CD, its product key comes with it. But if you have genuine CD but you have lost Widows XP download product key then you need to buy it from Microsoft store or any other trustworthy online store.

There are many sites which offers Windows XP ISO product key. The Windowslay doesn’t offer or sell Windows XP genuine product key. It is the sole authority of Microsoft to have Windows activation key. However there exists windows XP Professional installation key.

You can get these keys only to install win XP pro but these keys won’t activate windows premium function. This is only the Installation Key not for Windows Genuine Activation (WGA).

Windows XP Professional ISO in Other Languages

The Windows XP download has multilingual support of more than 35 languages other than standard English. So in order to change language you need to download Windows XP language pack.

Right now at Windowslay, except in English Win XP Pro ISO isn’t available in other languages. However, Win XP is available in following languages. You can download language pack and activate them if you want.
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