Advanced Movement Techniques in Valorant: Gaining the Competitive Edge

In the world of Valorant, two skills stand out as pivotal for success: movement and gun fighting. Developing good movement techniques not only helps players win fights more easily but also improves their overall game performance. Valorant offers a wide array of movement techniques that serve different purposes and can greatly enhance gameplay.

To maximize their skills, players should focus on mastering movement techniques. By honing their movement abilities, players can enhance their aiming skills, leading to more consistent victories.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the most essential advanced movement techniques in Valorant and how to master them. Here are some valorant cheats from Battlelog to turn the game on your side.

Advanced Movement

How can players improve their movement in Valorant?

Here are seven essential tips for players looking to boost their game:

1. Avoid unnecessary crouching:

Crouching is a common mistake among players, especially in lower-skill lobbies, where some believe it offers protection. However, crouching in Valorant doesn’t immediately provide narrower crosshairs, contrary to popular belief. It takes time to achieve pinpoint accuracy while crouching. Therefore, players should prioritize movement and avoid excessive crouching.

Advanced Movement Techniques in Valorant: Gaining the Competitive Edge

2. Master counter-strafing:

Counter-strafing is a fundamental skill in competitive FPS games like Valorant. It involves quickly changing direction while maintaining speed, making it harder for opponents to hit you. To effectively counter-strafe, players should focus on their movement speed, switch directions, and practice shooting accurately during these transitional moments.

3. Optimize movement keys:

In Valorant, characters appear to move faster when moving parallel to the enemy. Instead of using the “W” key to charge head-on, players should utilize the “A” and “D” keys to clear angles. Moving in small strafe movements makes players harder targets, providing greater control over their movement and yielding better results.

4. Utilize jiggle peeking:

 Jiggle peeking is a technique used by experienced players to gather information or take shots while remaining behind cover. By exposing only a small portion of themselves using quick “A” and “D” movements, players can gather intel or deal damage while minimizing risk. Practicing jiggle peeking in custom games can refine this skill.

5. Master jump spotting:

Jump spotting is a valuable technique for gaining information about enemy positions. While it may not be applicable in every situation, it can be highly advantageous when used correctly. By positioning themselves behind low cover, players can jump and quickly return to safety, spotting enemy players without fully exposing themselves.

6. Discover the art of bunny hopping:

Bunny hopping, also known as air-strafing, is a movement tactic that players can employ while airborne. Binding the jump key to “scroll-wheel-up” enables players to smoothly traverse objects and perform bunny hops effortlessly. Mastering bunny hopping allows players to navigate the map more efficiently and gain a competitive edge.

7. Explore climbing platforms:

Many Valorant maps offer spots that provide advantages such as elevated positions, cover, or deny attackers’ planting attempts. However, numerous players are unaware of these spots. By utilizing well-timed jumps, players can climb certain areas without the need for specific abilities. For example, the wall on the A-site of Icebox can be climbed with a precise jump from the defender-sided nest.

By following these tips and dedicating time to practice, players can significantly enhance their movement skills in Valorant.

Remember, mastering advanced movements is an ongoing process that requires patience and persistence. As players refine their movement techniques, they’ll gain a distinct advantage in gunfights and elevate their gameplay to new heights.